Terry Modglin for Delegate
Independent Candidate, 49th District, Virginia House of Delegates
A Voice for a Vibrant Virginia

Restore a Working Virginia – Support Police and Communities for Public Safety – Defend Life at All Stages – Reduce Firearms-Related Homicide, Suicide – Restore Rules to Assure Voter Identification – Embrace Measures for Clean, Green, and Sustainable Environment – Increase Educational Choices – Reduce Drug Use and Deaths – Maintain State Taxes at Current Level – Better Quality of Life

Employment and Economy
• Keep Virginia’s economy open.
• Build a 21st century economy including diverse sector growth and sustainable, ‘green jobs.’
• Maintain Virginia as a low tax burden but fiscally responsible state.
• Implement a $15 per hour minimum wage in Northern Virginia with limited exceptions; develop a formula for minimum wage across the state based on location and profession.
• Increase support for entrepreneurship and small business.
• Increase funding for state’s technological innovation entity.
• Except for direct public interstate travel such as airlines and trains, execute mask and vaccination mandates to prevent COVID-19 and its variants at the local and individual business rather than state and national level.

Public Safety and Criminal Justice
• Maintain qualified immunity for police working with communities in mutual support.
• Create credible oversight of police conduct with bodies that include persons with law enforcement or military experience.
• Involve other government agencies and civil society in coordinating with first responders.
• Begin broad reform of a criminal justice system that does not work, emphasizing community and family involvement.
• Increase family strengthening, youth crime prevention, restitution, and re-entry programs.
• Limit the use of cashless bail.
• Prosecute serious misdemeanors.
• Maintain School Resource Officers (SROs) in our schools.
• Cooperate and coordinate with federal authorities in immigration and justice matters.
• Reduce the possession of firearms by criminals, those with a propensity to violence, and youth.
• Increase safe storage requirements for legitimate firearms owners.
• Enhance penalties when firearms are used in the commission of felonies.
• Collaborate at every level to halt the rise of multi-state and multi-national drug cartels and gangs.
• Continue penalties for drunk, drugged, distracted driving.
• Increase emphasis on positive, structured programs for youth, including school safety programs.

Right to Life
• Ensure ultrasound availability for pregnant women.
• Defend the life of the unborn after the detection of a fetal heartbeat, with the exception of cases in which the life of the mother is at risk.
• Provide more support for infants and mothers to meet basic needs.

Voting and Elections
• Restore requirements for a voter ID to cast a regular ballot.
• Rescind law that would allow voter registration and voting on the same day.
• Require absentee ballots be opened and counted and curated only in the presence of representatives of candidates.

• Continue direction to reduce carbon emissions by 50% in 2030 and net zero by 2050.
• Increase sustainable energy resources such as wind and solar.
• Develop a comprehensive program to reduce food waste and thus hunger and methane gas.
• Encourage telework, transforming lightly-used buildings into green spots.
• Reduce the number of streets accessible to automobiles in city centers to reduce pollution.

• Affirm the mandate the option of full 5-day per week in-person classes.
• Create more school choice for families, including charter schools.
• Maintain the Virginia Improvements Tax Credit used to assist disadvantaged students.
• Ensure that every student in Virginia has the opportunity to achieve at their highest level.
• Support an academically strong and financially affordable state university system.
• Increase use of a wide range of educational technology to serve diverse populations of students.
• Follow curriculum guidelines based on inherent equality of each person rather than defining worth based on a collective group, and/or assigning personal guilt based on having characteristics of a group.
• Increase youth-led participation programs and restorative practices
• Ban transgender males from competing in female sports.

• Reduce the trafficking and use of illegal drugs, particularly opioids including fentanyl, and increase treatment options for addiction.
• Increase mental health services at state facilities, prison and detention centers, and schools.
• Moderate regulation, enhance transportation alternatives to maintain a vital agribusiness sector.
• Strengthen educational efforts at the local and neighborhood level to promote the value of vaccination against COVID-19 and its variants.

• Continue to develop Metro and VRE rail lines. Include a new Metro Line through South Arlington and Seven Corners out Route 50.
• Build more walkable, bikeable routes in communities. Increase bike lanes in Fairfax to the WO&D trail, and introduce bike-only streets.