To My Neighbors in South Arlington, Bailey’s Crossroads, and Seven Corners in the 49th District of the Virginia House of Delegates,

I have been a resident of near Northern Virginia for 50 years and a resident of the 49th District for the last decade. I have been an active community member for the last decade and a candidate three previous times. I would like to explain to you why I am a candidate again, fully intent on winning, why you should vote for this Independent, and why I believe I can do a superior job.

The strengths of the diverse population of the 49th District are one and the same as the strengths that have made the United States of America a great nation. We are a freedom-loving people – many of you know that in contrast to the repressive regimes from you escaped. We are a hard-working people, dedicated to improving our own lives and those of our children. Talk to the people of this area and you quickly understand how resilient we are. And in Virginia we have been at the forefront of innovation and bold thinking. But none of these Virginian traits would have been able to result in success without the moral foundations of faith, restraint and tolerance, and respect for the dignity of every person.

We all know that the opportunities to benefit from the promise of the American ideal have not always been there for everyone in Virginia, but the important thing is that we know we have made great progress and can do more. To tweak the phrase of one recent President – There is nothing that is wrong with Virginia that cannot be resolved by what is right with Virginia.

The 49th District is urban with all the benefits and challenges of urban areas – traffic congestion, pollution, a higher cost of living, population turnover. On the whole, however, we are fortunate – we have been leaders in regional rail service thanks in part to the Independent Green Party, low unemployment due to small businesses, great parks and activities for youth, all built on relative safety. So why do I seek to be your Delegate now?

In the last two years the elected and appointed officials in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Arlington County and Fairfax County have departed from the strengths that have made us great. The economy was shuttered to an unnecessary degree. In-person instruction in schools was suspended when science showed it was not necessary. Too many incentives were provided not to work while those who shouldered the work that kept businesses alive made less than those who did not. (Disclosure – I did receive unemployment benefits in 2020 that were about equal to my usual earnings in a seasonal job, to which I returned when it re-opened.) Many of the protections for lives of the innocent unborn were removed. Trust in our elections has been endangered by removing voter ID requirements. The importance of law enforcement to peaceful community life was undervalued. Educational standards were lowered. Race relations have declined while opioid use, homicides, and suicides have increased. These things have happened because officials have run away from the problems rather than truly working though them. We can make bolder, better, wiser decisions that reflect the values that brought us to a good place.

Why vote for me as an Independent when almost every one of my fellow legislators will have a party tag? First, I will not have a blind eye to some of the excesses of elements in both parties. I can place your interests above those of any political party. Second, I am not connected to any financial interests that you will find tied to one or both of the political parties, and I seek no more financially than my current modest income offers. Third, my vote – based on my platform and your interests – will be cast regardless of which party it lines up with, and perhaps propositions will be modified in order to be passed based on my Independent views

Why can I perform better and at a high level for you. My experience in public policy issues and working in the interests of people is wide and deep. I have been a college student leader, an Army officer in a combat zone for 19 months, a Capitol Hill staffer dealing with a major legislative issue, a national non-profit program manager and CEO for youth and municipal crime prevention, a Board Member of a national non-profit, a leader in my veterans’ military association, a condominium Board member, a youth basketball coach, substitute teacher, food service worker, security officer, food pantry volunteer, and advocacy organizer. These roles have placed me with people of all socioeconomic levels, races and ethnicities, and political views. Because of them I have a great desire to speak for those who are too modest or unable to speak for themselves.

Because I grew up in relatively tough circumstances, worked for everything I have achieved, and considered myself a soldier for my country and my causes, I have learned the impact of differences in environment, support, moral development, connection, education, restraints, and opportunity – the impact is huge. Government cannot dictate what is in the heart and mind of a person but can improve lives by its management of the factors I cite. To phrase it roughly, I have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. I understand the long-term impact of every vote. Because of my longtime work with youth, I view decisions through those long-term lenses. And all those who know me know I am mission-oriented and how hard I work.

If you understand how I can be a superior representative for you, please help me financially. There is a DONATE page on this website. You can also write a check to Terry Modglin for Delegate 2021 and send it to 6001 Arlington Boulevard, Suite 602, Falls Church, Virginia 22022-2703, individual donations only. I will need to collect some information from you to meet state reporting requirements.

Most of all, please get involved in the governance of your state, supporting me or in some other way. We are no better than our collective efforts but for each of us, IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME!


Terry Modglin
Your Independent Candidate
Virginia House of Delegates, District 49