August 22 – Press Release for Federal Facilities for Migrant Youth in NOVA and DC

Terry Modglin, candidate for the 49th Virginia House of Delegates District released the following statement today:

“As a means of alleviating the very difficult situation that unaccompanied migrant minors face in overcrowded facilities on our Southwest Border, the federal government is seeking to establish facilities around the country in which the basic humanitarian needs of these youth can be met and their development can be nurtured. The intention of the federal government to establish facilities in the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia has been met with repudiation by leaders of my opponents’ party. But I thought this was the party that is decrying, in fact condemning, the current condition of the facilities on the border. Now faced with the opportunity to help, they are adamant in refusing to do so. There is a word that characterizes that is more difficult to spell but easy to realize when you see it – HYPOCRISY. Do the local leaders of this party care about these kids, or are children being used as political pawns? Are these not the leaders who claim to want to protect undocumented immigrants? Are they hypocrites? I think that the people of the 49th District can figure this out.”

Modglin, who spent 25 years in youth and community crime prevention, pointed out that of course any such facility should have high standards of care and education and should have a release plan that integrates youth in the community or sends them back to their country of origin as decided. But these days and months for youth, he said, should not be wasted for any young person inside the United States, whether a citizen or not. The youth delinquency and development field has long had assessment tools that can result in programming that make the best of very bad situations, he said. “Our immigration system is broken, with laws that encourage appeals for asylum that are not within the intent of the federal statutes. But when confronted by a real situation with real need for our youth and the country, running the other way is not leadership.”